Local Administration in Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga

Contact information for the local administrative centres in the provinces of Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga. The place to go for residency papers, vehicle registration papers, driving licences and more...

Many national government departments have information relevant to foreigners living in Phuket and Thailand. Websites are often in English and further information can be found by telephoning the relevant department. An English-speaking person might be available, but it may be necessary to have a Thai speaker, especially when dealing with local government offices.

The Provincial Administrative Organisation is the main administration body in each province that is responsible for public hospitals, health, education, sewage, sports and tourism. Bangkok and the city of Pattaya have their own local government structure, which is different to Phuket and the rest of Thailand.

Each province is divided into separate districts (Amphur or Amphoe). The Amphur District Office is the local government building which issues identity cards, house registration documents (Tabien Baan), marriage and divorce certificates.

Each Amphur is subdivided into Tambons with a local government office, the Tambon Administrative Organisation (TAO) (pronounced Or Bor Tor in Thai) that deals locally with roads, waste collection, animals, construction permits and more. In urban areas the local Muncipal Administrative Organisation (Thesaban) is the local government body equivalent to the TAO.

  • For more information about local government organisation in Thailand: Click here

Here find the contact information for the local government offices in the provinces of Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga, the Immigration Bureau, the Department of Land Transportation (DLT), the Provincial Employment Office and the Land Department Office.

Local Administration Offices

Phuket Province

Phuket Province is divided into three Amphurs: Muang, Kathu and Thalang.

Amphur Muang
: Mae-Laun Rd., Phuket City
Tel: 076 217 597
Amphur Kathu
: 51/16 Vichitsongkram Road, Kathu
Tel: 076 321 133
Amphur Thalang
: 357 Thepkrasattri Rd., Thalang
Tel: 076 311 046
  • For a map showing each Amphur: Click here
  • For general information about Amphurs: Click here (in Thai)

The local Tambon Administrative Organisation (Or Bor Tor) or Municipal Office in urban areas deals with all local questions related to public hospitals, health, education, roads, waste, parks, water supply, sewage, sports and tourism and control of nuisance dogs. Phuket City and Patong town both have their own elected mayors responsible for the Municipal Office. The office of the Phuket City mayor and administration is in the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation building.

The main Tambon Administrative Organisation and Municipal Offices in Phuket are listed below:

Phuket Provincial Office and main administrative offices
Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation
: 5 Narisorn Rd., Talad Yai Muang, Phuket 83000
Tel: 076 211 877     
Patong Muncipal Office
: Ratprachanusorn Rd, Patong Beach (near the main police station)
Tel: 076 342 079
Website (in Thai)
Kathu Muncipal Office
At: 12 Moo 2, Vichitsongkram Rd., Kathu
Tel: 076 321 500
Website (in Thai)
Karon Muncipal Office
At: 1 Kata Rd., Karon
Tel: 076 330 186
Website (in Thai)
Chalong Muncipal Office
: 38 Moo 4, Loangporcham Rd., Chalong
Tel: 076 282 255
Website (in Thai)
Kamala Muncipal Office
At: 29 Moo 2, Kamala, Kathu
Tel: 076 385 640
Website (in Thai)
Cherng Talay Muncipal Office
: 247 Moo 5, Srisoontorn, Cherng Talay
Tel: 076 271 096
Website (in Thai)
Rawai Muncipal Office
At: Moo 6 Viset Rd., Rawai
Tel: 076 613 796
Website (in Thai)

Krabi Province

Krabi Province is divided into eight separate districts (Amphurs) with 53 local subdistricts or Tambons/Thesaban with their own Administrative Organisation.

Main Provincial Office and district offices (Amphurs)
Krabi Provincial Administrative Organisation
: Moo 7, Sai Tai, Krabi Town
Tel: 075 627 111
Amphur Muang Krabi
At: 212 Autrkit Road, Paknam, Krabi
Tel: 075 611 340
Amphur Koh Lanta
t: Moo 1, Koh Lanta Noi
Tel: 075 684 666
Ao Nang Tambon Administrative Organisation
: Moo 5, Tambon Ao Nang
Tel: 075 637 146
Website (in Thai)
Lanta Yai Muncipal Administrative Organisation
: Moo 2, Tambon Koh Lanta, Ban Sriraya, Koh Lanta Yai
Tel: 075 697 270
Website (in Thai)

Phang Nga Province

Phang Nga Province is divided into eight separate districts with 48 local subdistricts or Tambons/Thesaban with their own Administrative Organisation.

Main Provincial Office and district offices (Amphurs)
Phang Nga Provincial Administrative Organisation
: 642 Petchakasem Road, Thaichang, Muang Phang Nga
Tel: 076 417 413  
Website (in Thai)
Amphur Muang Phang Nga
: 582 Petchakasem Road, Thaichang, Muang Phang Nga
Tel: 076 412 053
Amphur Thai Muang
: 168 Petchakasem Road, Thai Muang
Tel: 076 571 766
Thung Maprao Tambon Administrative Organisation
: 102 Moo 1, Petchakasem Road, Thung Maprao, Thai Muang
Tel: 076 245 217
Website (in Thai)
Immigration Bureau

The Immigration Bureau is the main centre for all visa enquiries and residency requirements. Visit the office in person for specific details.

Department of Land Transportation (DLT)

The Department of Land Transportation (DLT) is responsible for issuing driving licences, car registration documents and the annual vehicle tax sticker, among other things.

  • Phuket (Covers the whole of Phuket Province)
    At: 42/1 Rattanakosin 200 Years Road, Talad Nua Muang, Phuket City 83150
    Tel: 076 211 019 / 076 214 930
  • Phang Nga (Covers the districts of Muang, Takua Thung, Thai Muang and Koh Yao)
    At: 710 Petchakasem Road, Thaichang, Muang Phang Nga 82000
    Tel: 076 412 064
  • Krabi (Covers the districts of Muang, Klong Tom, Koh Lanta, Lam Thap, Nua Klong, Khao Phanom)
    At: 192 Moo 7, Sai Thai, Muang Krabi 81000
    Tel: 076 611 856
Land Department Office

The Land Department Office deals with the transfer of land and condo title deeds, following the sale or purchase of a condo, house or land.

  • Phuket
    : 36 Damrong Rd., Talad Yai, Phuket Town
    Tel: 076 212 103
  • Krabi
    : Autkrit Road, Paknam, Krabi
    Tel: 075 611 260
  • Phang Nga (Covers Khao Lak)
    At: Petchakasem Road, Bangnaise, Amphur Takuapa
    Tel: 076 422 477
Department of Employment

The Provincial Employment Office run by the Department of Employment is the local office that is responsible for issuing work permits.

  • Phuket
    : 38/27 Rattanakosin 200 Years Road, Talad Nua Muang, Phuket City
    Tel: 076 219 660
  • Krabi
    : 1st Floor Department of Labour, Tharua Rd., Sai Thai Muang
    Tel: 075 621 527
  • Phang Nga
    : 71 Moo 3, Tamnampoot, Phang Nga Town
    Tel: 076 460 671
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